Our Team

Leah McClellan - writing and editing I’m Leah McClellan, owner and founder of The Editor Shop.

I’ve transformed my love of the written word into writing and editing skills that help you reach your personal goals or business objectives.

A little about me.

I worked my way through college and supported myself with lots of hard work. I waited tables, worked as a security guard, did temporary work in corporate human and public relations departments, and I was the supervisor for a landscaping company (I mainly mowed big lawns with big machines and motivated bribed workers with iced tea or icy-cold soda at lunch).

I launched my own “personal gardener” business and, in winter, shoveled snow when classes were cancelled. As a senior, I even word processed student papers and charged a premium for proofreading.

As a graduate assistant, I worked in my university’s art education department and, later, the English department. I edited and proofread journal articles and assisted with administrative duties, and I supervised the writing lab and worked directly with students and their papers.

When you have a goal—a big, bright shining star of a goal—you find a way to get there.

And with my BA and MA in English literature (honors) and minors in history and social sciences, I started writing for myself instead of professors. Freelancing, too. And I’ve never stopped. Even during times of “regular” jobs in real estate and retail sales management, I continued to write fiction and poetry as well as non-fiction. Some is published; some is not. Some I used on the job, especially in real estate.

In 2010 I struck out on my own once again and founded a website and blog on effective communication. With limited financial success despite popularity among readers, I moved on to a writing and editing site, Simple Writing.

And now I’ve zoomed in with a sharp focus.

I use my skills to help business people with the written content they need to reach their goals.

To wow their customers or clients. To reach sales objectives. To grow their businesses.  And much more.

Fun fact: I used to skate backwards down the Art Museum steps in Philadelphia. True story.

Favorite food: Papayas.

Currently reading: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

Recently read: The Lean Startup  by Eric Ries

In my spare time I ride my bike around town or on trails and visit botanical gardens and nature areas here in Florida. I’m from the Philadelphia area, and “up North” we just don’t have many opportunities to look deep in an alligator’s eyes or marvel at the site of bison—yes, bison. In Florida. Where the bears and the buffalo (and giant pythons) roam.

A little about you

You’re as goal oriented as I am, and you have high standards. You use your skills to help people, sell a service, or provide products people need and want.

But your main talent isn’t writing. Or you might be a great writer, but you just don’t have enough time to do it all. You need help, and you’ve come to the right place.

You probably own a small- or medium-sized business or you’re a decision maker. You might be a solopreneur—someone who operates business as a sole proprietor. And you have a website or blog that needs content. Sales or landing pages that need copy.

You might even publish a newsletter sent by email or post or both. And you’re no stranger to email lists and sales funnels, and you know the value of spending time and money on effective inbound marketing strategies.

You need someone who can not only write or edit the copy you need, you need someone who knows the questions to ask and how to answer yours.

Welcome to The Editor Shop!

Take a look at our services. How can we help you and your business succeed?

Soon to come: more about the rest of the team.

For now, one editor offers professional experience in fiction and non-fiction editing. The other utilizes her skills gained from a lifelong career in news media and journalism, including years as a copyeditor.