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Website Content

Your website content—information, sales pages, and blog posts—is the connection between you and your customers. When written well, it establishes authority and increases reader trust and inbound marketing results.

Of course, your web copy must be found to be read, and while social promotion and  emailing your list can be highly effective, you’ll want organic traffic too. And that means up-to-date knowledge of SEO. We recommend the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress (free or premium).

As part of our service, we make sure your web copy has the best chance of scoring high in search engine rankings. That means high marks in Yoast SEO requirements such as readability, image alt text (alt tag), and snippets (meta descriptions) that appear in search results. And well-chosen focus keywords are essential.

Want the long articles that Google algorithms favor?

Long articles, definitive guides, ultimate guides, and in-depth cornerstone content isn’t too long for Google.  In fact, one expert study shows that high word counts actually work in your favor, even with notoriously distracted readers who tend to skim.

But high word counts are only as good as the quality of the writing. 

And we know how to write them. We break them up into well-organized, manageable chunks with appropriate subheadings, short paragraphs, and bulleted or numbered lists for a positive user experience. We can even provide a linked index, like a table of contents, for particularly long articles.

Are you a small to medium business? A solopreneur? Whether you’re a fully-staffed, established company or a small team looking to outsource, we’re excited to help you and your business win. Get in touch with the email form below!

Editing and Copyediting

Articles, ebooks, and opt-in incentives might offer expert information, but grammar or punctuation mistakes,  awkward phrasing, and disorganization can give your readers and potential clients the wrong impression. And no editing app can match an expert editor’s insight, experience, and sensibilities plus make suggested revisions that work for you and your business’s goals.

We polish your content until it shines, from the title to the final sentence.

The different types of editing can be confusing, and terminology can overlap. Here’s a brief explanation.

Editing, in the broadest sense, refers to all types of editing. It’s also used to refer to editing that is  not  copyediting. For more detailed information, read “What’s the Difference Between Editing and Proofreading?

Structural editing

Sometimes called developmental editing, structural editing applies to an entire book or a long document, and it’s also the most time-intensive type of editing. Structural editing is for works in progress—rough drafts with all elements in place.

Structural editing focuses on the big picture.

We inspect content relevance, organization, and flow. We evaluate meaning, logic, and facts, plus we make sure language is appropriate for the targeted audience or market. Structural editing is also used to reduce word count in overly long documents while retaining important information.

At this point, we don’t work at the sentence or word level; that is, we do not perform copyediting or proofreading. Those are final steps.

If you choose structural editing, you’ll receive a separate review of your work and recommended steps to reach your goal. We also use MS Word and Track Changes to make improvements and provide specific comments, suggestions, and explanations.


Copyediting takes place at the sentence level. This is also true of line editing although it’s usually more intensive and includes paragraphs. At The Editor Shop, we include line editing in our definitions of copyediting: light, medium, and heavy copyediting.

Light copyediting means correcting grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation according to industry standards. Abbreviations, acronyms, numerals, and hyphenation are examined, and we check for factual accuracy and consistency. We also flag incorrect or inconsistent spacing and other details.

Medium copyediting means we reword occasional awkward sentences and add transitional words as needed. Wordiness is reduced, or an excess of short, simple sentences are combined or reworded for better reading rhythm. Excess passive verbs are exchanged for active verbs, and all elements of light copyediting are included.

We also check for redundancies: similar information worded differently. Shifts in tone or style are also addressed along with pacing, readability, and much more.

Heavy copyediting is more in-depth than medium copyediting and, in most cases, we’d rather you improve the writing before resubmitting for light or medium copyediting. The type of improvements you’d likely require usually means the piece needs more thinking and planning that only you can do.

But we’re happy to provide a brief evaluation and pointers for improvement at no charge. If desired, we can also identify the specific issue types throughout the document using Word’s Track Changes and make suggestions in comments (rates vary according to time required).

If you’re not sure of the type of editing or copyediting you need, please contact us.

We’ll gladly answer your questions and, in most cases, request a copy of your document for evaluation and a price quote.

Please note: Under no circumstance will we “spin” articles, edit spun articles, or work with plagiarised writing. In addition, we do not write or edit undergraduate papers. However, we’re happy to provide copyediting and proofreading services for theses and doctoral dissertations using your required style guide (MLA, APA, etc.).

We deliver all work in MS Word docx format. We can often accommodate other needs or provide instructions for workarounds. Please inquire with the email form below.

Quick Copyediting

Need your writing polished in a hurry? We offer expert copyediting (with final proofreading) for your documents within 24 hours or less. The high quality of our work remains the same, but we give your work top priority at a slightly higher rate.

Learn more here: Quick Copyediting.

Our Mission and Dedication

Ethics in business? You bet. We promise to provide the service you expect on or before the agreed upon date. And if we’re unable to do justice to the work you request, for any reason, we’ll say so and do our best to accommodate your needs or refer you to someone who can.

We’ll also ask questions as needed and answer yours as they arise. And keeping you updated is important to us; we know how waiting can be stressful!

Our ultimate goal is for our clients to be happy—delighted with our work—and we always strive for the best.

Your satisfaction is our number one concern. We’ll never knowingly let you down, guaranteed. And that’s why we sometimes ask a lot of questions: If something seems unclear, it’s better to spend time communicating at the start rather than trying to fix problems later.

We’re experts in the art and science of writing and editing, but only you know your goals, your purpose, and your dreams. And it’s our job to match your needs with industry expectations plus the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and respect.

We love our work, and we’re here to help you and make sure you’re 100% happy.

For questions and a custom quote, please use the email form below. You’ll receive a response in 24 hours or less Monday-Friday and 48 hours (at most!) on weekends.

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