What you need

Website content

Your website and blog posts are the connection between you and your customers. Written well, they establish authority and trust plus serve as an inbound marketing strategy. 

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Non-fiction ebooks

Non-fiction ebooks can be the ticket to success, whether you're in a wildly popular or small niche category. No matter the topic, professional editing is essential.

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Quick copyedit and proofreading

Need a document copyedited and proofread ASAP? Try our Quick Copyedit service. We specialize in fast turnaround—24-hours or less or your money back.

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What they say

“Leah is insanely committed to the pursuit of perfection. This is what made her stand out in our organization. Her punctuality, dependability, and ability to keep you updated throughout the process are invaluable in today’s fast-moving world.”
—Rushang Shah, President, Gramlee.com

“Leah isn’t just the best copyeditor I’ve worked with, she also has the very unusual ability to explain why each change and rule makes sense.”
—Peter Sandeen, Copywriter, petersandeen.com

“I’m lucky to have Leah on my team—she’s an amazing copyeditor, her customer service is impeccable, and I’d recommend her to anyone. In my business, I require zero editing mistakes. With Leah as my editor, I am confident that the final product will be mistake-free and a big improvement.” Raffelini, Owner, Splash Resumes

“Leah covered every aspect of the process when editing my ebook. She is thorough and timely, and she explains the smallest details. She did more than editing: everything from the image on my website to uploading the Kindle version on Amazon. The process went very smoothly and I feel fortunate to have Leah working with me.” —Cathy Taughinbaugh, Cathy Taughinbaugh

“If you want to learn how to polish what you write, Leah McClellan is the expert to go to. You’ll improve your writing—and enjoy the ride.”
—Mary Jaksch, Chief Editor, Write to Done

“Leah is an amazing editor who was able to pinpoint weaknesses and give me so many amazing ideas. She went through every single word and made so many amazing suggestions and comments about the work, and I’m certain I wouldn’t have the same ebook today without her.” —Anne Samoilov, Make Room For Your Revolution